Two Secrets!

So heres a little secret, I have two secrets actually, 1) Young Sophisticates: a blog for woman who are chic, stylish and sophisticated and 2) I spotted a Look for Less Shoulder bag. Now that all might sound a bit confusing for you so let me break it down. I have been addicted to this blog called Young Sophisticates and not only because they feature great giveaways, but because each post is a constant reminder of my interests and who I am (Make sure to check out the blog). Now… I’m not proudly calling myself chic, stylish and sophisticated — at times yes, however you would think different as I roll out of bed.

My other secret is involving this lovely shoulder bag that is to the left!  If you are looking for a smart everyday bag with a modern and sophisticated feel–this is it.

A cream shoulder bag is the perfect bag for the stylish girl paired with a jeans and top outfit or a more casual sun dress when it gets warmer in the next few months. Now here is where the magic comes in… you can purchase this bag in Rose or in Brown on other sites OR if you are on a budget you can purchase this cream bag from ZARA. See what I mean!?
Hope your having a good day!!!

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The Biggest Planner (at least I think so)!

I must say it has truly has been a while since I have posted. I have been so caught up in wedding planning that my main focus is solely planning. Not to mention, I have three bridesmaids here in Minneapolis and I love getting together with them! This week alone Kyle and I have booked our ceremony location, we are going to start our registry on Saturday and on Sunday we are cake testing (I’m so excited for that)!!! I’m off to watch week 4 of the “Biggest Loser”… I am sooooo addicted to this show. If you have never watched this show you should give it a try, it is extremely motivating and I love the level of competitiveness. Here is my only warning, you might shed a tear–I cry every five minutes and the trainers Bob and Jillian are pretty scary. You can watch this season’s latest episodes here.

With all this wedding planning I’m doing I should consider myself the Biggest Planner… haha I know I’m weird.

Do you watch the Biggest Loser? Who is/are your favorite colored team!?

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{“J” is for Just Noey}

his London-based artist, Parul Arora, has created a line of fun hand printed ceramics under the “Just Noey” name. Her tableware, especially her alphabet plates, is sure to stand out and add a little quirky cuteness to your home. These plates, postaplates, and coasters (as well as her mugs) make great gift ideas!!! The prices on these puppies are not so bad either. Just think these products are originally made and shipped to you from London, that’s a rare steal!!!T

I would love to have these two plates… one for me and one for Kyle!

1. B is for Breakfast: Plate by Just Noey, $35.89
2. Post-a-Plate: Analog Love by Just Noey, $28.00
3. Polaroid Coaster: by Just Noey, $10.00 for one coaster

Check out the current sale at “Just Noey” on Esty:  she is offering a 10% discount on all items and as part of the January Silly Sale and also a Clearance sale with up to 20% off on Seconds with minor defects. Use discount code: ETSYUKSILLYSALE Sale ends 30th January! Find more of her items on website!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!!!!!

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E-Magazine “Nonpareil”

Woah, it has been crazy with all the wedding planning that has been going on around here! Kyle and I have been very productive these last couple months. We have the reception hall, photographer and honeymoon all booked!!! As for the Honeymoon we are headed somewhere warm with beaches and waterfalls–Can you guess the location (Hint: it’s the birthplace of Bob Marley)??  Not to mention we have accomplished many other little details. This month we are taking our engagement photos and I can’t wait to share them with you. So make sure to keep reading!

Enough about me… I wanted to share with you another E-Magazine that I came across. For those who are engaged, planning a wedding or just like to dream weddings–this e-magazine is perfect! Below are some shots the seventh issue of Nonpareil. The magazine, as always, is chalk full of beautiful details and concepts from other select bloggers.

For those who are just tuning in I have posted about other E-Magazines such as:  Rue, Flourish, and much more!!!

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This year, I resolve too…

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!! I sure did! Did you get all the things you asked for or didn’t ask for? (Yes, I’m sarcastically referring to those random pair of socks or that gift you can really do without). I really am going to miss all the Christmas music and decorations that are up! That is definitely one of my favorite parts of the season. This year I got an idea of what it will be like to share the Holidays with both sides of the family. Kyle and I drove to Milwaukee to spend Christmas with my family then we drove back home to Minneapolis, stayed for a couple of days, and then back on the road for Bismarck to spend New Years with his family (need I mention its freezing cold in North Dakota, I don’t know how people stay alive here in such weather). Between Christmas and New Years, Kyle and I will have driven 26 hours in a car. Did YOU do any traveling during the Holidays? Where to?

2011 is right around the corner and I’m so exited to start this year!! I’m sure many of you have already set a few of your New Years resolutions, what are they?… here is a few of mine:

Have a Happy New year!!!!!


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Giveaway Winner for the DIY Christmas Yarn Wreath!

I can’t believe we are just weeks away from Christmas (and I haven’t even finished Christmas shopping)! As I’m sure you can tell I have been posting more, I hope you have enjoyed some of the past couple posts. I recently just graduated college (ahhh, such a great feeling) and now I have more time to do what I enjoy most. So within these next couple months I will be working full-time, I’m taking two class at the tech. college for graphic design, and of course planning a wedding (July 2nd is our date)!!!!! Enough said it’s time to announce the winner of the Christmas Yarn Wreath Giveaway!!!! The Winner is Sarah from Banner Cat.

+DIY Snow Flake Corkboard (Design*Sponge)

Sarah says:  “I love the flowers on this wreath! My favorite part of Christmas is celebrating old traditions and making new ones. I just got married last year, so my husband and I are having fun creating traditions to continue on when we have kids. :)”

For those who participated, thank you!! I always enjoy reading your comments and its great to know my readers a little bit more. Have a wonderful weekend!

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{Breeanna’s Christmas List 2010}

Just some of my favorite things I would:  love to have… like to have… wish I had–OKAY, I just really want them all!

1) Pug Canine Companion Bookends, Mod Cloth 2) Woman’s blazer, J.Crew 3) Piccola Ninfea pouch in cream, Ninu Etsy 4) The Color Study II Locket, Verabel Etsy and 5) Infinity Scarf, The Limited

What do you want for Christmas? Comment below with some links!!!!

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