Decorative Cake Stands

Why bother putting something on a pedestal when the pedestal itself is not appealing!?  I found some beautiful cake stands that just make me want to bake a cake or cupcakes!! Maybe I’ll ask for one for Christmas? I like how in the last picture there is a table of random cake stands, I have seen so many different stands at rummages and thrift store… maybe next time I’ll pick them up. Take a look!now & then cakestandThe baked delicious dark chocolate cupcakes with espresso whipped buttercream and hand-sculpted sugar flowers below were made by Sarah Magid.  She has just released  a book (which I want!) called:  organic and chic: cakes, cookies, and other sweets that taste as good as they look– a wonderful, approachable guide to organic baking.  If your looking how to make these Design*Sponge has a full video of Sarah herself teach you how to make these exact cupcakes yourself. CHECK IT OUT!



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