My definition of Vintage…


Caravan 1

The photo’s above and below display different products from a store in London, England called Caravan. The owner and freelance stylist of Caravan gets most of her quality items at flee markets (yea flee markets!).  Her small boutique store is elegantly designed with vintage items for purchase.  As much as I would like to, I know I will not be heading to London anytime soon, but you can shop the lovely Caravan online.  How great would it be to check out this shop in person.

Caravan 2

I feel that many have their own definition of the word vintage.  I found many different definitions of the word vintage online, it can be defined as anything outdated and now back in style. Others say it means anything older than a certain number of years or known as antique.

Well, as a lover of vintage things and the vintage style, I have my own definition. Vintage means more to me than just a collectors item or a style. I define a vintage item as anything that is from the past that inspires creativity, something that when combined with the idea of old age becomes beautiful, giving off an appealing style of being fragile and enduring colors that are peaceful.

Vintage Esty

I’m sure many of you are aware of the new online market system called Etsy. Well there is a new little vintage shop out called Mushroom and Moss Vintage. The seller’s items are 100 uniquely a vintage style and she is extremely affordable. Like this adorable blue robin for only $10. She updates her “market” site weekly so her items come and go quickly. Check it out soon!


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