Elegant Chandeliers

Nothing lights up a room quite like a chandelier, they are powerful symbols of elegance and luxury. Imagine seeing one of these sparkling rock crystal chandeliers in the early eighteenth century when there were no electric lights and once the sun went down everything was black. They were lit by “real candle” that were extremely expensive (usually the rich had these in their homes). Candles were made completely different from how they are made today. In the eighteenth century they were made from animal fat and sometimes beeswax.  lighting an entire chandelier would have cost a small fortune! chandeliers were often used in conjunction with mirrors to further increase the impact of the candlelight.

If your thinking about a rock crystal chandelier for your home or one similar. Well, you better be a lottery winner or just have a bunch of money to afford an elegant chandelier?  Here a tip:  you can find many outdated chandeliers at thrift stores or rummages… all you need to do is just add new bulbs and a coat of spray paint (White or black look best).  If some of the gems are missing you can always find gems at a craft store and string them on (You could even use some colored gems to match your room) the finished result should make it look brand new.

One of my favorite “Before & After” from design*sponge is this bathroom. I love how the chandelier brightens up this small space. I also like how she added a new mirror and counter top. just a beautiful victorian themed bathroom.



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2 responses to “Elegant Chandeliers

  1. Kelsey

    Are you looking for a chandelier for ME???? Or rather, Lauranna… what a great friend!

  2. Kelsey…You gave me the idea!! Of course, if I see a chandelier I’ll let you know…

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