FRIDAY FINDS – Vintage Skeleton Key

What a great find huh?!

Skeleton keys originate back to the 1800’s.  These keys were used just as we use our “keys” today… to open almost anything and to guard the important. The unique design of these keys is what makes them look so beautiful. Skeleton keys are also usually distinguished by their bow, or the part one would grasp when inserting the key. The bow is usually either plain or extremely ornate.

The Skeleton key is an icon of history.  You can usually find them at flea markets and antique shops. Old keys are a great way to bring a bit of vintage flair into any room or design.

You can hang them on the wall or dandle them from centerpieces…some keys are small enough to place almost anywhere but charming enough to make a statement.

This wristlet can be found on a Esty shop called Pocket Carnival. I love the vintage key fabric she uses. The fabric can be purchased from Ink and Spindle, where they sell many variety’s of modern designed fabric all hand printed and solvent free. Check out Ink and Spindle’s shop, I really love all their designs!

Once again another example of this collage of keys within fabric! I need to get myself some! This pillow was found off a site called West Elm, they sell many adorable household products such as:  bedding, kitchen, furniture and wall decor. Check it out!

I thought this was a perfect way to incorporate vintage appeal into a wedding.  I found this picture of a  unique boutonnière on 100 Layer Cake and they keys were actually purchased at a flee market. Check out 100 Layer Cake to see all the other antique finds and more vintage style boutonnières.


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