Picture an Easier Way

At the beginning of the year my roommate and I started to arrange our pictures in a organized and somewhat “unique” way to cover a blank space on our wall. I found this idea on Martha Stewart’s website and just fell in love with it!

So this is currently what we have hanging up in our apartment. We bought these small frames from Wal-mart for $1 each and every time we are at Wal-mart we pick up a few to add on. They also have  5 x 7 frames and larger frames. Hanging so many pictures can be a challenge and you certainly need an “eye” for keeping things straight and in line. We used masking tape to create the center line between all the pictures.

Here are a few examples of what I have found online:



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4 responses to “Picture an Easier Way

  1. Kayla

    Thats what I’m doing with just picture frames! It’s going to look great! And glad that I could make it into a few of your pictures hanging on your wall!

  2. Professor Bill

    I tried this once and it totally bombed!!!! It just looked terrible. My mistake was that I didn’t lay out exactly what I wanted until I started nailing on the wall. We did it again in our current home and it actually turned out. I feel like the day of one or two pictures on the wall is gone. It’s just not interesting.

  3. Bill, Yea the more the pictures the better, I agree! My roommate and I actually used a long piece of masking tape so that we would line everything up… Ohhh and instead of nails we used thumb tacks (less damage on the wall).

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