1950′s Teasing Teal

Can I just say I miss my blog!? I have been so busy… I haven’t even got the chance to check out my comments or think of new ideas. Not to mention I haven’t really got the chance to check out some of my favorite blogs/sites. Well I’m writing now I suppose, but exams are just around the corner…  so who knows?!

1. Science Experiments – This is a book from the “How and Why Wonder Books” collection from the 1960’s – 1970’s. These books were directed to children and I’m sure they were a hit (I’m sure my grandparents have seen these books around and I wouldn’t be surprised if they have read them). There are about 70 books in his series and since they are dated way back they are not considered a collectors edition (you can find these on ebay or antique stores). I find these books to be extremely interesting to see what was popular back then and the graphics on the front cover are all hand drawn, quality!

2.  Sea foam green sherbet dishes – found on Etsy and sold by Modish Vintage

3.  Aqua/Teal Owl Necklace – This vintage owl is just so unusual! It is made with a huge 2″ stone body and has these wonderful blue eyes with a silver toned surround, then these cut little slicer toned feet!

4.  Teal painted dresser made and sold by “Poppy seed living” on Etsy. I LOVE the dresser (check out her yellow one, is was actually displayed on Design Sponge just recently).

Have a good Weekend!



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3 responses to “1950′s Teasing Teal

  1. Jennifer

    Breanna, you are adorable and I love your blog. I’m very impressed.

    If you haven’t already seen PS. I Made This, you should. I really like the “porcelain pottery” craft idea. http://psimadethis.com/

    Good luck with finals!!

  2. Thank you!! I have never heard of that site… I just checked it out and its nice! Yea the porcelain pottery looks really easy to make too! I’m glad you like my blog… I need viewers like you.

  3. Pretty sure I can’t fully express to you how much I love love love this!

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