Introducing… Knack – Clever design and Distinctly Urban

Okay I’m back, back to posting and back at home for Christmas Break! Things have been pretty busy around here, I think I completed all my Christmas shopping in one day… stressful! I will in fact have more time to post and catch up on some Christmas break reading (I’m tired of reading text books). Knack is another one of my dream visits, I’ve never been there but its on my list to do so.  If you are ever in Greenville, South Carolina, stop and check out Knack Studios. This business is something that I would love to start up one day, just reading about and viewing their uniquely refurnished products, it has truly been motivational. These are some of my favorites… Lets check out some of their products:

I love the color of this dresser, the antique and distressed look brings our so many different colors. The design on the top is actually wallpaper and these yellow knobs are just adorable!

This is an example of a corner of their studio. Each furniture piece is marked for sale and has its own decorative setting!

They were recently just posted on Design*Sponge with an adorable teal dresser, you can learn more about Knack on their website,  they also feature their items on Etsy and have wonderful collection of photo’s on Flicker. Knack has definitely influenced me with their products and studio displays… I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! Tell me what think…



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5 responses to “Introducing… Knack – Clever design and Distinctly Urban

  1. Idalia

    i totally love the colors of these dressers…make me one!

  2. Mandy

    South Carolina, huh? Road trip!! This place looks amazing!

  3. thank you , thank you , thank you for this lovely post!

    I look forward to meeting you someday:)

    happy new year!


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