Vintage, is keeping it’s cool.

I’d have to say even with all the rust and dents on these old fans, I still find them fascinating. These are completely made from metal… metal blades and a metal base, non of that plastic stuff we have today. The shape of the blades and the way each wire bar curves, makes this appliance a form of art. The style of these fans originate between 1930’s -1940’s and these were commonly known as desk fans. Speaking of, I’m on the lookout for a vintage fan for my future office!

I found all these amazing photos online at Poetic Home. The Poetic Home “Fan Club” enjoyed its first print appearance in the marvelous 2nd issue of the inspirational UPPERCASE magazine (Which besides being a very expensive magazines it has some great pages). Poetic Home presents a gallery filled with vintage inspirations and antique collectibles, discovered from all parts of the world. It’s a great site… check it out.

**SIDE NOTE:  After looking at these fans compared to the fans we carry today, its crazy to think how dangerous fans were back then. With all the space between the bars covering each blade, those pesky children I’m sure were tempted to stick their fingers in them.


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