Don’t Call Them Bookends…Try Book Beginnings

I received an idea from one of my readers to do a post on bookends. I instantly liked the idea which is why I’m happy I ask for you to share your thoughts. There are so many things I like about bookends! Not only is their very purpose helpful, but the creativity of what you can use as a bookend intrigues me. Take a look as some of my favorites…

1. These A to Z bookends are extremely modern… you could even use your initials as bookends as well. This is a design from the Graham and Green Co., that specializes in home decor. They also sell A to Z letters at Barnes and Noble.

2. I really like the elegant look these two birds can give a room. The teal and rustic color is known as a verdis finish over a bronze color, this makes it have more of an aged look. I found this set for sale online at Kaboodle.

3. One of my favorite stores to visit is Barnes and Noble. Being that they sell many books they have a good selection of bookends. I always check to see if they go on sale when I drop by. I just love these “Quote” bookends from Barnes and Noble.

4. I just discovered a “shop” (rather a catalog) called Wistera. Founded by a husband and wife team looking for unique objects for their own house (not to mention an excuse to travel), Wisteria is full of unique vintage inspired goods. Their stock turns over rather quickly —  so if you fall in love, don’t procrastinate.  I had by eye on this doorknob bookend in early November and they are already gone (but this is definitely something to keep an eye out for).

5.  Looking around your home will present you with a ton of creative options that allow you to create repurposed bookends.  Here is an example of an up-cycled bookend.  While we have all seen vinyl record bowls and coasters, this DIY tutorial shows you how to repurposed old vinyl records into bookends. I really like this idea, hope you can try this at home!!!

*TIP: If you are a thrift store shopper you occasionally can find a single bookend, make sure to pick it up. You can do many things with just a single bookend: spray paint it or mix and match with another one.

If you have something you’d like to share with Simply Elegance click here to shoot me an email with your ideas, comments or images.

What do you use as bookends in your home?  I would love to hear about them and see photos!


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