Before and After: Nightstand

Okay I have not forgotten about this nightstand, I’m sure many of you were faithfully checking the blog for it! I previewed this a while ago as a Sneak Peak when I purchased it, but I have finally gotten around to finish it. The minute I saw it at a thrift store I saw potential in it and picked it up for $2, what a steel. The nightstand itself is pretty large and in great condition (since the picture is not the best). Mom my has decided to remodel one of the rooms in her basement to become her  “Stamping/Craft” room, so I decided to donate this piece of furniture to her. We plan on picking up some more furniture and redoing them as well, so I’m excited to shop around.

This is what it looked like in the process. I started off by sanding the rough and glossy parts, primed it, gave it color and added knobs (fairly simple). Thanks to my new paint sprayer I got all the tough areas! I almost look like a child as I painted with my new toy! After all the hard work I realized the difference between going out and buying a new nightstand vs. refurnishing your own. Anyone can invest money on a “new” night stand, but when you invest your time and creativity in something that seems worthless it becomes more of masterpiece!!



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2 responses to “Before and After: Nightstand

  1. Saw this on the Pepper Design Blog – just moved into an old house from 1867 and I’m working on flipping a few tables to match. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. Ms. Anne

    You did an amazing job! I love the green.

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