Before and After: Sea Blue Nightstand

I’m completely finished with all my painting this break! I really enjoy it, but at the same time you get sick of scrubbing the paint off your hands and cleaning your supplies… next thing you know your hands are extremely dry and in great need of lotion. So I will be giving my hands some tender loving care  later today!!  Below is another small nightstand that I just finished. I once again bought this small piece at a thrift store and I just fell in love with the simplicity of it.

I must have had the hardest time redoing this nightstand. The paint that was originally on it was extremely thick… I mean I thought there was no way of getting it off. So I had to strip the paint of this dresser with a “Stripper” chemical and a heat gun. Above are some examples of what it looked like during the striping process. After each layer of paint was stripped off, the condition was pretty bad… so priming this dresser was extremely important. After that it was uphill… I painted it a sea blue color.  I sanded the edges and other parts of the nightstand to give it an old and rustic look.

My break was overall successful… Don’t you think?



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4 responses to “Before and After: Sea Blue Nightstand

  1. I absolutely love this! You’re my new inspiration for re-doing things. I love love your “vision”…not to sound to deep or anything…haha. Anyways, love your work! Beautiful.

  2. Love it! Very inspiring. I really love your color choices; so bright.

    And thanks for stopping by my site today.

    My best to you!

  3. Kyle

    Good job, i am very proud of you, these look awesome!

    • Idalia

      i espically love the green one….because you gave it to me…my craft room is gonna be great looking if i can get you to keep redoing my furniture;)

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