YOU and I!

Today was my last day of freedom!!! By that I mean no more sleeping in OR bumming around OR movie marathons. I start work tomorrow bright and early and classes start on Wednesday. From there I will only have late nights of homework, followed by baggy eyes and no motivation to workout.  OKay so I’m being REALLY dramatic… I’ll get off my soap box (really life is not that bad). I’m actually a bit excited to get this semester over with, after this I only have one more semester and I’m DONE! So I plan to be a good student, girlfriend and woman of God! Yea 2010!

I decided to spend this day with the one and only… Kyle!  Little did I know that this day was not the best day for both of us. It was cold and slushy. We were both groggy and tired. Deep inside I didn’t want this long break to end and I’m sure Kyle wanted to play video games with his buddies… and despite my need to plan every little thing, we had no plan of what to do (which makes for a lot of wasted hours). Don’t you ever have those days?  Lets just say God made men and women intrinsically different and it’s my goal to figure Kyle out (wait… is that possible?).

Overall, I couldn’t have asked for better day. We both came to a point where we turned our “reality” into “actuality” and decided to make the best of the day! We spend our afternoon at Half Price Books and we took a small stroll in Minnihaha Park,  followed dinner. Not bad eh?

*This song, is one of my favorites! It just reminds me of my day with Kyle and the journey that our relationship has lead us! Enjoy…



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3 responses to “YOU and I!

  1. Idalia

    I loved your post for today….i am glad you ended up doing something rather than nothing. WAke up tomorrow and get back to reality. YOU CAN DO IT!
    Have a great day..THINK POSITIVE ALL DAY LONG!

  2. Can totally relate! I’ve had several days like that lately; but this, too, shall pass. It’s great to have a male buddy (been married to mine for 25 years next month) whom you can ‘get’ and ‘not get’ together.

    Have a great semester!

  3. Oh that song. I’ve loved it since I heard it – isn’t her music incredible?? Thanks for bein’ excited with me over on my side of the internet. :) You’re seriously, a continued inspiration for me. Thank you thank youuuu!

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