Why do they call it China anyways!?

I would have to say in most things I’m pretty traditional.  Especially when it comes to weddings and the customs that have been practiced over many generations. I do in fact like to twist things around… I mean I’m not stickler to tradition, because at times I do have my own ways and ideas of doing things. China is, traditionally, the centerpiece of any wedding registry. The term “China” is used to describe dinnerware and dishes. Some different types of china include bone china, porcelain, stoneware, and earthenware. Bone china is the best china and along with porcelain, is considered fine china. Stoneware and earthenware are examples of casual china.

INTRODUCING: The Lenox Chirp Collection, from Macy’s. Ooooh how I LOVE it more and more each time I look at it. This is the China that I want (unless something else sweeps me off my feet). There are many pros to registering for elegant tableware… it is uniquely your style, it can add a great touch to a home as home decor, and it’s a big investment which makes it more valuable to you. It’s crazy to think that just the small mug in this set costs $36! Being that this collection is bone china it is guaranteed to be chip-resistant, with a life time breakage warranty (Crazy huh!?)… it becomes something I can keep forever, maybe pass along to my children one day.

If this is your season for buying China, there is an article on the Knot that gives good advice for registering for formal china and everyday dishes. Oh and don’t worry I don’t hear any wedding bells soon, it’s just nice to dream a little.




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3 responses to “Why do they call it China anyways!?

  1. Idalia

    I love this pattern more and more…..stick with it and maybe people can start buying it ahead of time.
    People like me and grandma and Titi Nancy….

  2. Yes… I just love it. Mandy and I walked to Macy’s to check it out in person and it was even better in person!

  3. That’s very beautiful. No wonder you want it.

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