I’m Bloglovin. Are you?

Ok ok ok I’m not sure how familiar you are with “Bloglovin” but it is a website like Twitter, but with Bloglovin you choose to “follow” some of your favorite blogs. So instead of trailing to each blog page and struggling to remember all the blogs that inspire you, you can view all your favorite blogs in ONE PLACE! I have recently just joined and have subscribed to some of my favorites… and let me tell you, I definitely was missing out without this site!

All you have to do is visit “Bloglovin” and click “Sign Up Now“. Below is an example of what your account would look like once you have started to “Follow” your favorite blogs.  Also, you can click the tab below to “Follow” Simply Elegance on Bloglovin…. trust me you will be LOVIN it!!!

Don’t know who else to follow…Here is a list of a couple blogs that I am subscribed to, that you just might like:   1918 BLOGDesign*SpongeknackLife in the Fun LaneOh Joy!sfgirlbybay, and The Vintage Society… Tell me what are some of your favorite blogs… ENJOY!


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