Knack has done it again…

Knack has truly done it again…. what a difference! If you haven’t already seen my last post about Knack or have visited their Etsy shop or website… check it out. The work they do is phenomenal… to truly distress a dresser the way they do is talent. Some might say this is a little too much and might contradict the purpose to refurbish.  What do you think (Be honest)??? Next time I get the chance I need to try this look!



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5 responses to “Knack has done it again…

  1. Thank you so much girl! I appreciate your support so very much!


  2. Woahhh dang. I love love love this. So perfectly done!

  3. Idalia

    Not crazy about this dresser….

  4. I figured your would say that… its probably a little too distressed for you! The pictures look really nice though!!!

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