Inspiring Goods…

I was surfing on Etsy the other night, only to find some great items. It’s so much fun to discover new and exciting shops… Check out the links below!

(Kayla - if your reading this... I thought of you! Paris!)
1. ADORE recycled Wooden sign by WilliamDohman
2. Pocket Watch Clock Necklace by Ohhellofriend
3.  Pair of vintage books by sadieolive
4. Merci Beaucoup Cards by the craftpantry
5.  Paris coaster set by martapasierbeck
6.  Bemused Retro Knee-Length Skirt by MoonCircus
 Which one is your favorite!? ENJOY (Have a great Monday)!

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One response to “Inspiring Goods…

  1. How to pick a fave?? I suppose 2. But 4 and 6 are real close…

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