Top 5 Reasons I want to visit to Greenville, SC

1. Visit Knack Studios: I have wrote about this small business for a while now, I love their work! I have communicated with the owner, Barb, through e-mail and she seems so sweet! I would love to be able to meet her in person and gain some insight into how she started her business. What a day would  that be!

2. Attend a service at New Spring Church:  I heard about New Spring Church and Pastor Perry Noble a while ago at my current church here in MN. Since then I have become a fan and  daily downloaded their podcasts. To actually attend a service rather than listening to it in my car…. would make a perfect Sunday! (If you get a chance… check out their video services).

3. To walk Liberty Bridge:  I have seen pictures of this bridge located  downtown Greenville, SC. It has a curved clear span over the Reedy river that curves away from the falls. Beautiful DAY and NIGHT!

4. Downtown Greenville:  In any city big or small it nice to see all the buildings, restaurant, and shops. Here are some pictures of downtown Greenville.

5. For the year round great weather:  The weather there now is 56 degrees!!! Not too hott or too cold!! Anything is better than Minnesota in January (Picture from Jan 28th snowy Minneapolis).

One of these days I’ll make sure to get there. It seems like a great place!!!! Have you ever been there? Let me know what you think…



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2 responses to “Top 5 Reasons I want to visit to Greenville, SC

  1. Idalia

    let’s go;) i am ready!

  2. Danggg, I’ve never paid much attention to SC but this totally makes me want to go. I’ll meet you guys there! :)

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