Day in and Day out…

Things have been super busy these last couple days with school and work.  My days seem to be so routine at times and it’s shocking when you know exactly what your doing 2 weeks ahead of time. I woke up early  today to go to work, only to find out my car wont start… I’m guessing that has to do with the temperature of 1 degree here in  Minnesota (it feels like -10 degrees).  My desire for refurnishing furniture has really become dormant  this season, mainly because of the weather.  I’m really looking forward to the spring… then I will have some time and resources to be a bit creative. Well despite my sort-of busy week… I had a few highlights!

Some highlights of my week:

1. I got my first Real Simple Magazine in the mail (I got the subscription from Kyle as a gift)

2. I’m doing great in my Statistics class (AMEN!).

3.  For the first time in a long time, I bought myself some new tunes!  Ingrid Michaelson of course, 8 of her songs!

4.  My parents bought be a new battery for my car!

5. I made the cutest Valentine’s Dinner Invite for Kyle (More to come on that).

6. I went to Comedy Sports for a friends Birthday!


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One response to “Day in and Day out…

  1. Idalia

    you have some good highlights listed:
    #1 i love that magazine
    #2 keep studying hard it pays off
    #3 send me those songs
    #4 your parents sure love you lots and lots
    #5 Creative valentine invite…i love it
    #6 I love Comedy Sportz

    Have a great weekend;)

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