It’s time to Speak UP and Vote!

TO ALL MY READERS: Many of you are aware of my purpose in this blog. If not here’s the scoop:  I love to refurbish furniture. At this time in my life I might not have all the resources (workshop, money, and time) to do so, so blogging is my short-term get-a-way!  I started Simply Elegance to write about some of my favorite things, share my desire for making things new and when it’s not about furniture and home decor, it’s about me… the author and my small journey’s in life. I hope to create many friendships among my readers and to help you build the same appreciation that I have for seeing the beauty is something such as furniture.

SO WITH THAT…  I’d like to improve the quality of this blog, my posts, and the subjects I share with you. I have created a poll so that I can better get to know what you are expecting. I want to know. With this information I will not have to wonder if you enjoyed a certain post or if you just skipped it. Please take the poll… be honest and remember I’m always open for suggestions!!!

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, always, for reading Simply Elegance.



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2 responses to “It’s time to Speak UP and Vote!

  1. This was sorta hard! I like everything you post on here!!

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