Introducing… You are What you Love

OKay it now time for another Blog Forward. Do you know how many blogs are in this world? Millions? Billions? Nope. Possibly Trillions… Well this is the time where I share a few of my favorite blogs with you!! ENJOY!

I stumbled across the site “You are What you Love“… and since then I have been inspired by Aprile Elcich and her work. She is an extremely talented artist/designer and she definitely has an eye for art. On her site you will find love & nature-inspired paper goods, collages, and artist books. Almost everything is original and handmade… and she sells her artwork!

The art of collages can instantly be seen as something super easy… but I really think it’s harder than it looks. Anyone can cut out and  match pieces together, but do they truly “match”? HA I’m not sure if I’d get it straight on the first time. I would consider the majority of Aprile’s work to have a classic vintage theme.  Resources such as old photos, newspapers, and paragraphs in old books help Aprile create her collages and her vintage theme.

1…2…3… Finalized Projects and Aprile’s work first hand:



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  1. these images are so great. :)

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