Before & After: Dresser Transformation

“Whistle While you Work”… that’s exactly what I did when I began to work on this dresser.  This is one of my larger pieces and I had lots of work to do (not to mention the million drawers this dresser had). Personally, I thought the dresser was of quality before hand and now I love it even more. I’m redoing a variety of dressers for my mom’s craft room and this is now one of them. So what do you think?

I took pictures each step of the way, so that if you are interested you can “Do It Yourself”. See steps below:



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6 responses to “Before & After: Dresser Transformation

  1. idalia

    I love what you did with this dresser. I am beginning to love any breaks you get from school because you come up with cute ideas. The color is cute too. Love the baskets. My craft room is gonna be so cute!

  2. Elizabeth

    Oh my goodness!! I just love it so much!! The color is spectacular, and I love that you replaced that those two drawers with the baskets!! Inspiring…I’m thinking I’m going to have to find a way to play hookie from school to create something….

  3. Vicki Graham

    What a fantastic job! I love that you replaced two drawers with baskets, what a cute idea. Very creative:)

  4. Wow! Beautiful work, we (Angel and I) love it. The distressing you did looks really natural. I like that you shared the steps in bringing your idea to fruitation. Great job, can’t wait to see Ms. Idalia’s craft room.

  5. I’m impressed! It’s nice to see someone very passionate about what they do. Trust all your future posts turn out as well.Thanks!

  6. Kayla Shauger

    I love this dresser! It’s adorable. We have to work on something together this summer. I’m so excited that you found something that you love to do! You’re doing a great job!

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