Emersonmade. Giveaway!

Who’s ready for Spring? I am! I can’t think of no other way of kicking off Spring with these beautiful handmade accessories.  Thanks to Emersonmade. Simply Elegance is undergoing its second giveaway. Can I just tell you how fun theses are… I get the chance to meet new readers and in return you get the chance to win something unique. Lets make this one a big one… so comment away!!!

Emersonmade. specializes in hand dyed and hand stitched blooms and accessories with an apparel line coming out in 2010.  It started as a one woman operation in NYC where Emerson would sell her flowers, sometimes right off her lapel to flower girls and fella’s on the street.  EmersonMade has bloomed into a full scale Operation where she and her husband, the Artist Flower Makers build the blooms each season!  Each bloom they build is one of a kind, varied, and has its own unique character and soul – your flower soulmate! just for you.  With the help of her beloved husband, Emerson does all the styling, design, content, photographs, collages, and artwork associated with EmersonMade. All the photographs you see on the website are taken by them and are of them.  EmersonMade is a company that believes in celebrating the uniqueness of the individual, the joy of being alive and all the smallness that makes up the Big Beautiful.

Visit Emersonmade. and leave a comment on Simply Elegance with your favorite item or items. All you need to do is comment!  Just by commenting you have a chance to win… so invite others to participate in this giveaway! SPREAD THE WORD… send an email, text, or pick up the phone and give someone a call.


YES! There is an opportunity for you to gain one extra entry:

simply twitter (use this short link on twitter:), Facebook, or blog about this giveaway

and come back and comment with the link.

Giveaway ends on Monday, March 22 at 10am, cst
*Please check back next week to see if you are the lucky winner.



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20 responses to “Emersonmade. Giveaway!

  1. Oh how can I not enter? This is the neatest little shop! Just spent about 3o minutes browsing through all of Emersonmade’s flowers and would really really like to know where she bought half of her outfits! What a cute style :).

    Oh, and I adored the flowers. Especially the trio pin and the poppy.

  2. 2. bunnyb

    I love ALL of the Wedding Bouquets and Flowers For The Hair!

  3. 3. Vicki

    I like the dandy flower. I have several outfits that I think would like nice wearing that. I thought some of the wedding photos with the flowers around the waist looked nice.

  4. 4. Mandy

    I, like Morgan, just spent quite a bit of time looking at everything! I think I would have to say my favorite is the School Bloom on Goldie Clutch. Love the colors. Love the flower.

  5. 5. karlee

    oh i love them all!! they are super cute! i would have to say i like the poppies and the flowers for hair!

  6. 6. Megan Ebertz

    I love the flowers for your hair!! and all the vintage pics she has of all her product. so cute!

  7. 7. idalia

    I love all the flowers! espically the ones on the wedding dresses…that can really add something to a simple wedding dress or bridemaid dress. I also love the clutches!

  8. 9. Jennifer

    How cute are they? Both the couple and the flowers!! I really like the snow white dahlia and the adore corsage. And I’m tweeting and updating my facebook status about this!

  9. I just got so excited when I read this post! Emersonmade has been in my bookmarks for so long, just wanting me to buy things.
    I’m in love with the big red poppy.

  10. 11. Katie

    I absolutely love the “Big Poppy” in red. I love how they just put it on even a cute tshirt. I’ve seen Emersonmade before and fell in love with it then, I’m glad to see it’s resurfacing.

    PS. Is it terrible that I am entering on another giveaway, even though I just won one!? I couldn’t help myself. :)

  11. 12. Katie

    Of course I had to tweet about it too. :)

  12. the smalls and tinies are wonderful! love the poppers pins!

  13. 14. Anna

    The Little Johnny Rose Pillow is soooooo perfect for a friend of mine’s wedding! Love it!

  14. i love the tiny roses collection… but really i love everything emersonmade!

  15. I’m a little in love with the great HUGE flowers she attaches to her belts and shirts! What a FUN accessory! Inspired…:)

  16. 17. Elizabeth

    Gasp. I. Love. EmersonMade. It’s taken me all week to make up my mind. I love it all. But twist my arm and I’ll choose :) I’m loving the Cheeky Dahlia belt. So sweet and feminine but in an attention grabbing sort of way.

    I love that Emerson and her husband are responsible for ALL of that! Even the modeling! They’re precious! I’d love to be a proud owner of something EmersonMade!

  17. 18. Elizabeth

    I love it too much. I couldn’t keep quiet about it. The Twitter world is now informed of this reestablished love :)


  18. Wow… look at the comments above. I’m so impressed with my readers. Thanks for entering into last weeks giveaway… as announced I have already choose a winner at random.

    I get so excited to post new giveaways on Simply Elegance and I’m glad that you all get excited just as much!!!

    I will be posting new giveaways as the months go on… so keep posted. I’m encouraged that you are following up with SE and hope to get to know you more!



  19. Lisa

    I would absolutely LOVE to have an EmersonMade gold coin necklace!

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