My Tour of “The Painted Lady” Shop:

My words cannot barely express the way I feel about my recent visit to “The Painted Lady in Chicago, IL.  I went a short road trip with my parents and Kyle to downtown Chicago. I went expecting the usual city life experience. We went to the museum of Science and Industry and did a little shopping and cite seeing! It was definitely a windy day in the “Windy City”, but a great trip overall.

To make a long story short on this trip I came across this shop and my jaw nearly dropped (I’m serious my heart skipped a beat). Instantly, I thought… “This is it, this is my dream… my dream shop.” I fell in LOVE (Love I tell ya!) with this shop, the refurnished furniture, and vintage appeal.

The Painted Lady, Bucktown’s favorite chic place to shop, is an ever-changing collection of hand-painted antique furniture. From French provincial dining tables and apothecary jars to vintage chandeliers and antique armoires.  Collections of bedding, accessories, linens and MUCH more are within these doors of this antique shop!

The Painted Lady’s vintage chandelier. This shop had a large selection of lighting, chandeliers and antique table lamps. From wall to wall these lights gave the room a warm comfortable atmosphere. (*Notice the windings staircase, this place was beautiful).

Each unique piece is hand-painted or left in its original state; no two pieces are the same. Below are a few examples furniture, accessories and other home decor items The Painted Lady offers.

Isn’t this shop just beautiful! If I could I’d visit shops like this every weekend, but lets be realistic here! But I’d like to know if you have any shops in your area like this. Let me know (shoot me an e-mail)… this inspires me beyond words! Or if you know of a place that would like me to post about them (for publicity)… shoot them my link. Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did!



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8 responses to “My Tour of “The Painted Lady” Shop:

  1. idalia

    hey Breeanna the pictures did not load to my computer? only the ones on the bottom.

  2. Jennifer

    Oh my gosh! It is so beautiful. It reminds me of Antropologie and how I would like my home to look like!

    Have you been to the Cottage House in South Minneapolis? It’s one weekend a month, Wednesday through Sunday and they fill an entire house with antiques and re-purposed items!

  3. ohmygosh i want to go to there! i bet you had the most fun. i can’t even imagine the amount of trouble i could get into in that shop. (and p.s. i just found your blog & love it!)

  4. Thanks Everyone! I’m pretty sure my jaw literally dropped when walking in this place.

    Jenny- No I have not heard of the Cottage House… but now I have another little place to visit! Thank you!

  5. Megan Ebertz

    I can see why you love this place! I’m glad you found it and were inspired. Thanks for sharing with us. You are fully capable of fulfilling your dream and opening up a Simply Elegant store!!! You are so gifted and talented. It’s fun to think that this is just the beginning. You’re going to do so much with your career and your love for furniture, decor, and all things vintage! Miss you!

  6. I was going to comment with my favorite photo.. but I love all of them!

  7. Kaylee

    cuuuuute, Breeanna! Let’s hop on the megabus sometime and go searching for shops like this!

  8. Thanks everyone! I know just a glance of these pictures get me excited to one day open up something like this. Thanks for your motivation and encouraging words. I’m glad you all enjoyed the post!!!

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