Before & After: It can be done…

I have spoken about White Berry Reinvented before… she honestly has been one of my inspirations for redoing furniture! The last two post I wrote about her were titled: “Everything White” and “Once again… Elegance” (Check them out to see more of her work).

Well I just recently visited her site and noticed she posted about the origin of White Berry Reinvented and how she began to start her own business. You need to read The White Berry Story… it is inspirational! Now take a look at her work and beginnings!

This is one of her  first additions:  this roughed up buffet she purchased for $75 at an antique store that was closing. She hand painted it and placed it under a mirror she bought at ikea (that was sold “As is”).What a bargain!! This was when the seedlings of White Berry began to sprout.

As her fetish of refurbishing furniture began to grow, not long after Holly started transforming everything. And of course everything went white! Including her kitchen cabinets! Below are some before and after pictures of her kitchen makeover… also check her site for Kitchen Cabinet painting and further details on how to paint cabinets!

So what do you think!? White enough? I really like how she uses white… I might have to try a couple of pieces that way!



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2 responses to “Before & After: It can be done…

  1. So so pretty! I just don’t know if I could pull off keeping it clean :).
    I love that your gonna be posting again!

  2. Idalia

    i really love white….i think you should consider doing only white.

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