Before & After: Inspiring Color!

You are looking at one of my favorite designers Knack Studios!! Check out her blog for her daily updates and works of art! I have written about how much her work inspires me, time and time again. Following post include:  “Introducing… Knack – Clever design and Distinctly Urban” and “Knack has done it again…

Just beautiful!  This color can really brighten up any room! Love the knobs, the wall paper inside the drawers and the color!

Hope your having a good week!!! Anything exciting (or not so exciting) happening!?



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4 responses to “Before & After: Inspiring Color!

  1. Idalia

    i love those knobs….very cute…never thought about putting wall paper inside the drawers…Good idea

  2. Oh goodness this is cute! I have a giant crush on yellow as of late!
    I am totally having a good week! Gettin’ ready to head up to Seattle beginning of next! Hooooorayyyy!

  3. Elizabeth

    Gotta love Knack Studios and gotta LOVE this piece!! And who knew that just changing the knobs to something so sweet and delicate could make such a statement?!

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