Introducing… Bryonie Porter

All me to introduce an amazing artist… Bryonie Porter! This is all new to me… I would never think of wallpapering the outside of furniture. With these designs you can go beyond the limits of just paint and spring some life into those old and boring furniture you have in your home through some trendy wallpaper designs.

Aren’t these beautiful!? I honestly wouldn’t even know how to start to wallpapering these beautiful pieces of furniture! READ MORE ABOUT Bryonie Porter at:  My Deco and Casa Sugar!



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4 responses to “Introducing… Bryonie Porter

  1. Idalia

    Who knew you could do that with wallpaper. I like it a lot;)

  2. Mandy

    This looks like the most tedious project in the world! I am thoroughly impressed! They look so gorgeous…

  3. Kayla Shauger

    Are all of those dressers covered in wallpaper and painted? That would be a really neat project if you found wallpaper that you just had to have! Great idea, I would have never thought of that!

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