E-Magazine Premier

E- Magazines? Have you ever heard of them? I didn’t until recently… but honestly I’m not surprised this has become a new trend. E – Magazines are also known as online magazines, paperless or digital magazines. It saves tons of money due to publishing, not to mention it is 100% eco-friendly! They are the Future of Magazines!!! There are tons of different types of e-mags… and bloggers are plugging into what seems to me the easiest and most valuable way to inspire. My goal in this post is to introduce some great E-Mags… I plant to update later with more E-Mags!!  I hope that  you’ll help by adding your comment to include those I’ve missed that interest you!!!! Enjoy…

Sweet Paul E- Magazine (Food & Entertainment)

Lonny (Decorating & Design)

Utterly Engaged (Engagements & Weddings)

YOUR TURN:  Do you like digital magazines better than print, if so why? If not, why? Did I miss an e-mags that you read? If so, please post the name and link in the comments section below… I’m looking forward to see what interests you!! Have a good day!!!



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3 responses to “E-Magazine Premier

  1. Thanks for sharing; I’ve never heard of these. Well, I had, but I didn’t understand. So cool! I think I’ll spend some time checking some out myself. Have a great day!

  2. Be sure to check out Southern Flourish Magazine!! (http://southernflourish.com/) They write about all things Southern and wonderful! They have seasonal issues and the summer issue will be out June 15!! But be sure to keep checking back at their website because they have a blog they update. I think I will even get to contribute in the near future :)

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