Sneak Peak – Coffee Table

Are you ready… for another refurnished project?? I’m not, well actually I am but I’m headed home (Milwaukee) for a week so I wont start this till after my little vacation.  This gives me more time to research and figure out what exactly I will do.   This coffee table comes from a friend/client of mine from school, he has given me free reign over this table and I’m excited to get started.  Look at the corners on these tables… aren’t they sweet!? Well stay tuned for the “After” picture in a couple of weeks!

Do any of you have any projects lined up for this summer!? If so share them… I’d love to hear about it!!



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5 responses to “Sneak Peak – Coffee Table

  1. What a great table! Whatever you do, I’m sure it will celebrate the glory of this wonderful piece. Enjoy!

  2. Idalia Martinez

    i love this table…i am sure you will come up with and awesome idea and color for this table;)

  3. Megan Ebertz

    I can’t wait to see what you will do!! It’s gona be awesome!

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