DIY: Hairpin Vases

Ashley Ann Photography not only has beautiful photographs, but she has quite the creative spirit as well. Her website, blog and work are all a mix of everything I love.  She takes heart melting pictures of children that instantly bring me joy! She also has a DIY section that I aspire to take into practice (take a look at all her DIY projects. To make a long story short, she has a DIY called the Hairpin Vase that I decided to do.  Below are some of the directions and my finished work of art. Enjoy!

Supplies: Glass jar/vase (You could use an old mason jar or applesauce jar), hair pin, button or any decorative decal, and hot glue gun.

Step 1: Clean your jar or if it is a glass food jar… Remove any labels or sticky stuff on the jar

Step 2: Hot glue a small decorative button, metal shapes, or anything else your heart desires.

Step 3: Hot glue the hair pin to the jar…use scissors to hold pin open while glue dries. Hot glue doesn’t last forever, in-fact it easily can be peeled off of glass (so just be prepared).

Step 4: Place a picture or a small note in the hairpin and then your done. Easy as 1…2…3… I think!!


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One response to “DIY: Hairpin Vases

  1. Idalia Martinez

    i still really love those vases..
    i almost made one for my co workers birthday…but i ran out of time….

    i will do it next time;)

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