Before & After: Crackle Paint

Over my short break in North Dakota Vicki (Kyle’s mom) and I redid this medium-sized hutch.  I was really excited to help her paint this and it was great to spend some time together throughout our painting job. Vicki is a furniture painter herself and she is not afraid to be creative! She originally purchased this many years ago without any furnishing on it and painted it hunter green (I think she did a great job)! Since then you can see the wear and tear on this piece. So it was time to do some painting…

For this particular project Vicki decided to use a “Crackle” paint. I have never used this type of paint so I was excited. For those who are not familiar with this technique, you need two colors of latex paint and the crackle glaze.  We used a light green and a slightly darker green (Two great colors).

I am having a more productive summer than I thought. I have already completed a total of 3 projects (one that has not yet been posted, because I’m waiting on a few last-minute touches). I’m on a roll!!!



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2 responses to “Before & After: Crackle Paint

  1. Idalia Martinez

    So cute! love the color!

  2. This is dangggg cute girl! Keep it up!

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