Schwinn and PUGS!

So heres something new about me, if you don’t know this already. I LOVE PUGS. I think they are the cutest dogs! My family and I have owned a pug for over 12 years. This past April, he passed away… he was getting old and that’s something we just couldn’t fight. His name was Dexter (yes, taken from the cartoon Dexter’s Laboratory). He was the greatest dog and we had some great memories with him. Although, he is greatly missed… I cannot wait for the day when I can get my own little pug (I’m already thinking of names). This was our Dexter:

Now the reason behind this story is because of this adorable little pug in this Schwinn commercial… This is a must see:

Great commercial, great song, and a little pug!! Pugs make the cutest puppies! What gets better than this?? What do you think?



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3 responses to “Schwinn and PUGS!

  1. idalia

    i love this post! Dexter is greatly missed:( He was the best dog. You forgot to mention how we wanted to get a girl pug and name her Dee-dee from the same cartoon. Thanks for reminding me of the great dog and his pictures are so cute…I love that cute little face…

  2. Awww….NO way! I’ve always wanted a pug – I love love that you love them too!

  3. Mom-I should have mentioned that. I’m thinking you and dad need to buy a new baby one… then name it Dee-dee.
    Amalie-Yes, they are sooo cute!!!!!!

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