Pride and the Prejudice fan, anyone?

These adorable ceramic mugs quote some of the best lines from the movie Pride and the Prejudice. I couldn’t tell you how many time I have watched that movie and each time I do… it gets better! These affordable and well worth the price mugs would make a great gift. What do you think?

Ooh and she even prints them on toddler clothing. How cute is this!?

Hope your having a good weekend!! -Breeanna



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4 responses to “Pride and the Prejudice fan, anyone?

  1. idalia

    i could never get sick of that movie…it’s the best….love…love and more love…the rich the poor..and how the girl wins the guy…love that part….

  2. Oh my goodness, I want a little girl just for that onesie!

    Guess it’s about time I saw that movie :).

  3. Jennifer

    Am I missing it or did you forget to site the source? Where can we get these items?

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