Back to Blogging? … I think “Yes.”

I’ve been told by a few close friends (Ahem… you know  who you are!) that I should get back to blogging. So with much thought I have decided to start writing again! I honestly don’t know why I stopped, but I do know that when I think about blogging I get extremely excited write and to write about what I love.  That very reason should keep me going, right?  Something happened when I started up Simply Elegance over a year ago… I became a writer. That is what I would like to call myself, not anywhere near Jane Austin, but relatively close. So I plan to continue to write about my work, others inspiring creations, my life and passions. As I progress into a what I know will be an exciting and eventful year… join me, I would love to have you tag along.


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One response to “Back to Blogging? … I think “Yes.”

  1. Jennifer

    Glad you’re back! Hope that means you’re finding some time to breath during your last year!

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