Columbus Day Weekend

This past weekend Kyle and I drove to Wisconsin Dells, about 4 hours away from Minneapolis. For those not familiar with WI Dells, this city is full of activity. There is always something to do! It’s filled with history, water parks, great food, outdoor trails, and my favorite canopy-covered Ducks! We met up with close friends of ours, Ben and Whitney–they will be forever friends of ours. We have known them for years and they just recently got married in July! It’s been great to be a part of their lives and we are incredibly blessed to have people like them in our lives. As promised here are a few pictures:

One the WI Dells Ducks — My favorite boat ride!

We all went to Treinen Farm –Wisconsin’s Largest Corn Maze (It was quite the experience!)

Oh and I almost forgot, we went four wheeling!

Kyle and I just before we left the Dells… this is one of my favorite pictures with him. We always have so much fun traveling, he is wonderful! Even though you can’t tell by the smile on our faces–we were sad we were leaving! I hope you all had an enjoyable Columbus Day weekend. It was a beautiful weekend here and hopefully where you are as well. Have a good week!



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2 responses to “Columbus Day Weekend

  1. Idalia Martinez

    i love all the pictures….they are all beautiful:)

  2. Mandy

    I love that your title is “Columbus Day Weekend,” who even knew it was Columbus Day? haha ; )

    I think that last picture of you and Kyle is my favorite, hands down.

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