Pumpkin Carving

After a long time thinking, I made up my mind and decided to put the senior project down for a bit and have some fun. Okay I’ll be honest… I haven’t even started my senior project –I’m still thinking of ideas. ANYWAYS, My roommate and I did a little pumpkin carving today. My roommate is great, we have been rooming together for the past 2 years and besides the occasional movie nights and dance parties, pumpkin carving is a first for the both of us!

My roommate made a comment that the picture above does not do justice on my artwork… haha so lucky for her I took a few more pictures. I had to share:

So what do you think it is?? Nothing scary –just cute and small (okay yea its a little scary looking).  Out of all things I decided to carve a pug! I got the idea from a Better Homes & Gardens Magazine. You get the idea … right?

Hope you having a good day. I’m off to work on homework, well maybe.



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3 responses to “Pumpkin Carving

  1. idalia

    It’s Dexter on a pumpkin:) I love it! I miss having Dexter around.

  2. Mandy

    That picture does not do it justice! It looked great. I was very impressed with your pumpkin carving skills, Bree. Maybe you should change your major….

  3. Hi my name is Breeanna and I have a BA in Pumpkin Carving! haha Thanks for the idea Mandy.

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