Old Antique Shopping in St. Paul, MN

My Saturday was absolutely beautiful — the weather here in Minneapolis was refreshing and resembled a perfect fall day. I also had the opportunity to do some antique shopping with a good friend, Kelsey! Exciting news: Kelsey is getting married!! She just recently got engaged to a sweet gentleman named CHAD (I like to call him “Chaddy” for fun), they are two great people and kind-hearted friends of mine! Anyways, today we did a bit of shopping at some of St. Paul’s best antique shops to get a little inspiration for her vintage/classic themed wedding!

The beautiful bride:

Kelsey walked out with two vintage luggage’s/suitcases, old fashion wheels, mason jars, clutches, and much more! I lost track after the fourth shop. The shops we visited were:  Simply Vintage, Grandma’s Attic, and West St. Paul Antiques. Best part of shopping at places like this is bargaining– I’m never afraid to ask for a lower price!

I didn’t expect to buy anything on our little “ron de vu” but I found the coolest vintages fans and of course my very words were, ” I couldn’t live without them.” I have been looking for one of these fans to place on my desk for a looooong time and I’m so happy I found one. Check out my previous post titled “Vintage, is keeping it’s cool.”

Here are my new “best friends!” haha.

Hope you are all having a good weekend!! Remember if you have any DIY projects, super buys, or even something you think I would appreciate… send it my way! I’m always looking for things to blog about.


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