DIY Harvest Yarn Wreath

Here is an extremely easy DIY project that I just completed. After making this wreath I want to make tons more with different colors, so I picked up some more materials to do so.  Hope you enjoy the project!

MATERIALS NEEDED BELOW: *Note – instead of using a foam wreath you can also use a plastic straw wreath (do not take the plastic off the wreath) Also, I got my supplies at Michael’s–remember to cut out their 40% of coupon in most Sunday papers.

STEP 1: Wrap the wreath with yarn, line by line. Make sure to keep it tight and keep in mind that it is close to impossible to have the yarn perfectly lined up on the entire wreath. imperfections = perfection. This process does take a while but once you get going you’ll get faster, don’t worry (So put in a movie or do this project with a friend). Tie a knot to begin and tie one at the end, as well. I did not use my entire yarn–if you want to increase the thickness of your wreath you can go around twice.

STEP 2: Flower Time! Cut a circle shape out from the felt. The larger the circle, the larger the flower. Then begin to cut–cut around the outside in a wave-like pattern.

STEP 3:   Pick any point on the circle to start cutting the felt. You will be cutting a large spiral shape so that you will end up with one long thin strip of felt. (*Important-when cutting continue to cut in a wave-like pattern)

STEP 4: The fun part!! Take the end of the felt where you just finished cutting and start to roll. Keep it tight for the first couple rolls so that it holds. If you want a smaller more circular flower keep it tight. If you want it to have a more open look you can keep it a little more loose as you roll it.

STEP 5: Once you get to the end and your flower has been created, it’s time to place your flower on your wreath. I used decorative pins to attach my flowers. I started towards the sides of each flower pushing the pin into the foam. I also placed a pin in the middle of each flower to keep it more secure and for decorative purposes, of course!

STEP 6: Almost done! Now its time to attach a ribbon on for hanging. I looped the ribbon around once and  folded it in, and pinned it. I hope that is not too confusing… really anyway that you want the ribbon works. If you had a wreath hook/holder that lies on the door, that would work as well.

STEP 7: Hang it and you done… Check out what others have done on ETSY!



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8 responses to “DIY Harvest Yarn Wreath

  1. Idalia Martinez

    that wreath is soooo beautiful….i think i would put more flowers on mine…but it is so cute…i think i love flowers…..

  2. Megan E.

    LOVE IT!!! I’m not sure it could’ve turned out any cuter, seriously! Bree, you are amazing.

  3. Jennifer

    So cute! I had seen one on Etsy a few months ago and put it on my to-do list, but yours looks even better than the one I saw!

  4. Thank you! It’s a really easy project and I had a lot of fun doing it!

  5. this has to be the cuttest wreath i have seen and the crazy part is i have been looking for flowers like these to put on aprons i plan on making i am going to try this u did a great job

  6. This is super cute Bree! What a fun easy project :) And CONGRATS again on the engagement!!!!!!!

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