My Eyes are Set on Card Catalogs

Anything with the combination of solid-wood and vintage, is hard for me to resist. I don’t know what it is about these old card catalogs, but I love the idea of having separate drawers for every item. I weekly search Craigslist and  every time I’m at a thrift store or estate sale I keep my eyes open for these lovely Card Catalogs. I want one in the worst way!! Just take a look at how the use of these pieces can make a room a little more organized:

+ Apartment Therapy

+ Small Notebook

+ Donkee House, ETSY

+ Dream Big Design

Somewhere out there, there is a card catalog destined to be mine haha. Have a good week!!



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2 responses to “My Eyes are Set on Card Catalogs

  1. Idalia Martinez

    I love these card catalogs…i did a search on card catalog cabinets and library cabinets…you can find one for a really good price…they would look so cute in a hall way or room…i just love them! we might have to go shopping for one or two…All in due time…have a super day! Thanks for all the blogging you do and the sharing of ideas…

  2. Thanks for your helpful Post, I hope you have a good day!. :)

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