Sneak Peak: My Bird Cage Find

Well I’m really excited for this post not because its anything special, but because I feel like I haven’t blogged in a while and I’ve missed it. These past couple days I have had a fever and today I just discovered I have strep throat. My my daily schedule consisted of a lot of sleeping, that’s pretty much it.  Good news–my temperature is down now I’m just taking care of my throat. So I’m stuck inside bored and just resting.

SNEAK PEAK:  A while back I stopped off at the thrift store and spotted this bird-cage. I’ve always wanted a really “vintage” bird-cage, with the unique shape, but this one will do.  I’ve seen so many great decoration ideas and I thought I would give it a try. This bird-cage is so cute and petite. I have not yet worked on it, but what I’m thinking of doing is spray painting it in white/ivory and lightly sanding spots so the original dark shows through (making it look vintage and distressed). I think it will be a great addition to my desk who knows I might even place a light in their!  Once I get around to doing this project I’ll show you the finished results!

These are some of the bird cages I’ve seen online and how people have put them to good use.

+ Design Sponge

+ Ruffled Blog

+ Ruffled Blog

I hope you are having a much healthier week then I am (*Megan, If you reading this I hope you get better, being sick is not enjoyable one bit). I think I will pull the “Mom” card out on all of you:  Make sure to take your vitamins, wash your germ invested hands and try your hardest to avoid getting sick! Have a good weekend!

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