DIY Moss Picture Frames

Now that I have wedding on the mind I have been on the look out for creative centerpieces, wedding decorations and basically anything wedding!  I spotted these DIY moss pictures frames, on Ruffled Blog, and thought they would be perfect for a June/July wedding. Here is a little update on our part:  we really want to get married this summer, but with finances it might not be till the fall. Little by little we are saving up and focusing on the positive. For those who have done the “wedding” thing before… you know what I’m talking about (weddings are expensive)!!

What you’ll need:
– An old wooden frame (you could even try to make on yourself if your good like that ;)
– Bag of dried sheet moss from a craft store
– Hot glue gun
– Scissors

Inspired by the beautiful northwest this moss frame is perfect for any garden or rustic wedding. It also happens to be very simple. First you take an old wooden frame and clean off the surface that you will be gluing your moss to with a wet sponge. Next remove your moss from it’s plastic and begin laying it out over the surfaces of your frame. Use your scissors to cut your moss into strips that fit perfectly together. Once you have the moss laid out how you want it begin hot gluing it into place. Once you have finished gluing the moss into place you can trim around the edges with your scissors to make a nice clean line. You might also want to take any extra small pieces of moss and fill in any holes. This project is fun and easy and only takes about 15 minutes.




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2 responses to “DIY Moss Picture Frames

  1. idalia

    kinda cute….do they come with a tiny lawn mower?

  2. Kelsey

    I love Ruffled Blog! It’s become one of my favorite bookmarks :)
    You should check out,, and, if you don’t already know about them. Start on your DIY projects now! You get more and more inspiration as time goes on and before you know it you have a whole slew of ideas and not enough time or resources to do them all!!! Haha… Love you, Bree! Ps. Fall weddings are BEAUTIFUL!

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