This year, I resolve too…

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!! I sure did! Did you get all the things you asked for or didn’t ask for? (Yes, I’m sarcastically referring to those random pair of socks or that gift you can really do without). I really am going to miss all the Christmas music and decorations that are up! That is definitely one of my favorite parts of the season. This year I got an idea of what it will be like to share the Holidays with both sides of the family. Kyle and I drove to Milwaukee to spend Christmas with my family then we drove back home to Minneapolis, stayed for a couple of days, and then back on the road for Bismarck to spend New Years with his family (need I mention its freezing cold in North Dakota, I don’t know how people stay alive here in such weather). Between Christmas and New Years, Kyle and I will have driven 26 hours in a car. Did YOU do any traveling during the Holidays? Where to?

2011 is right around the corner and I’m so exited to start this year!! I’m sure many of you have already set a few of your New Years resolutions, what are they?… here is a few of mine:

Have a Happy New year!!!!!



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2 responses to “This year, I resolve too…

  1. Idalia

    I resolve to take you up on bringing more joy to people around you… Visit with me longer, I love the idea of thank you notes or sending a card. I love getting mail! Real mail;)

  2. I have lots of goals in mind for 2011 and am setting deadlines with baby steps along the way to help make sure I achieve them. Seems like whenever I just make vague resolutions, I never manage to remember them.

    My husband and I are finally going to start going out more together which is a big change since we’ve rarely done anything with just the two of us since I was pregnant…almost 3 years ago :)

    Hope you have a great start into 2011!

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