The Biggest Planner (at least I think so)!

I must say it has truly has been a while since I have posted. I have been so caught up in wedding planning that my main focus is solely planning. Not to mention, I have three bridesmaids here in Minneapolis and I love getting together with them! This week alone Kyle and I have booked our ceremony location, we are going to start our registry on Saturday and on Sunday we are cake testing (I’m so excited for that)!!! I’m off to watch week 4 of the “Biggest Loser”… I am sooooo addicted to this show. If you have never watched this show you should give it a try, it is extremely motivating and I love the level of competitiveness. Here is my only warning, you might shed a tear–I cry every five minutes and the trainers Bob and Jillian are pretty scary. You can watch this season’s latest episodes here.

With all this wedding planning I’m doing I should consider myself the Biggest Planner… haha I know I’m weird.

Do you watch the Biggest Loser? Who is/are your favorite colored team!?


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  1. Meg

    Bree, you are so great! And I wanted to let you know I noticed the nice yellow on the sides of your page : ) love it!

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