Two Secrets!

So heres a little secret, I have two secrets actually, 1) Young Sophisticates: a blog for woman who are chic, stylish and sophisticated and 2) I spotted a Look for Less Shoulder bag. Now that all might sound a bit confusing for you so let me break it down. I have been addicted to this blog called Young Sophisticates and not only because they feature great giveaways, but because each post is a constant reminder of my interests and who I am (Make sure to check out the blog). Now… I’m not proudly calling myself chic, stylish and sophisticated — at times yes, however you would think different as I roll out of bed.

My other secret is involving this lovely shoulder bag that is to the left!  If you are looking for a smart everyday bag with a modern and sophisticated feel–this is it.

A cream shoulder bag is the perfect bag for the stylish girl paired with a jeans and top outfit or a more casual sun dress when it gets warmer in the next few months. Now here is where the magic comes in… you can purchase this bag in Rose or in Brown on other sites OR if you are on a budget you can purchase this cream bag from ZARA. See what I mean!?
Hope your having a good day!!!

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