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The Biggest Planner (at least I think so)!

I must say it has truly has been a while since I have posted. I have been so caught up in wedding planning that my main focus is solely planning. Not to mention, I have three bridesmaids here in Minneapolis and I love getting together with them! This week alone Kyle and I have booked our ceremony location, we are going to start our registry on Saturday and on Sunday we are cake testing (I’m so excited for that)!!! I’m off to watch week 4 of the “Biggest Loser”… I am sooooo addicted to this show. If you have never watched this show you should give it a try, it is extremely motivating and I love the level of competitiveness. Here is my only warning, you might shed a tear–I cry every five minutes and the trainers Bob and Jillian are pretty scary. You can watch this season’s latest episodes here.

With all this wedding planning I’m doing I should consider myself the Biggest Planner… haha I know I’m weird.

Do you watch the Biggest Loser? Who is/are your favorite colored team!?


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I’m engaged!!!!

News update for all my readers (if you don’t know already), I am engaged!!! On November 7th, 2010 Kyle asked me to marry him! I cannot put into words all the emotions that I felt that day–all I can say is that I’m extremely excited to be marrying such a great man. From the romantic dinner to the mini-adventure around Minneapolis, followed by a candle light outdoor proposal; I will never forget that day! Here are some pictures of our proposal:

(The spaghetti dinner he cooked all by himself!)

I’m so excited to start planning! Right now I have a huge senior project hanging over my head but once that is done and graduation approaches I will have much more time to plan… plan… and plan. What does all this mean for you? Well hopefully “more posting!” I’m looking forward to sharing my ideas and projects along the way, as well as getting your feedback!


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Old Antique Shopping in St. Paul, MN

My Saturday was absolutely beautiful — the weather here in Minneapolis was refreshing and resembled a perfect fall day. I also had the opportunity to do some antique shopping with a good friend, Kelsey! Exciting news: Kelsey is getting married!! She just recently got engaged to a sweet gentleman named CHAD (I like to call him “Chaddy” for fun), they are two great people and kind-hearted friends of mine! Anyways, today we did a bit of shopping at some of St. Paul’s best antique shops to get a little inspiration for her vintage/classic themed wedding!

The beautiful bride:

Kelsey walked out with two vintage luggage’s/suitcases, old fashion wheels, mason jars, clutches, and much more! I lost track after the fourth shop. The shops we visited were:  Simply Vintage, Grandma’s Attic, and West St. Paul Antiques. Best part of shopping at places like this is bargaining– I’m never afraid to ask for a lower price!

I didn’t expect to buy anything on our little “ron de vu” but I found the coolest vintages fans and of course my very words were, ” I couldn’t live without them.” I have been looking for one of these fans to place on my desk for a looooong time and I’m so happy I found one. Check out my previous post titled “Vintage, is keeping it’s cool.”

Here are my new “best friends!” haha.

Hope you are all having a good weekend!! Remember if you have any DIY projects, super buys, or even something you think I would appreciate… send it my way! I’m always looking for things to blog about.

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Pumpkin Carving

After a long time thinking, I made up my mind and decided to put the senior project down for a bit and have some fun. Okay I’ll be honest… I haven’t even started my senior project –I’m still thinking of ideas. ANYWAYS, My roommate and I did a little pumpkin carving today. My roommate is great, we have been rooming together for the past 2 years and besides the occasional movie nights and dance parties, pumpkin carving is a first for the both of us!

My roommate made a comment that the picture above does not do justice on my artwork… haha so lucky for her I took a few more pictures. I had to share:

So what do you think it is?? Nothing scary –just cute and small (okay yea its a little scary looking).  Out of all things I decided to carve a pug! I got the idea from a Better Homes & Gardens Magazine. You get the idea … right?

Hope you having a good day. I’m off to work on homework, well maybe.


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Columbus Day Weekend

This past weekend Kyle and I drove to Wisconsin Dells, about 4 hours away from Minneapolis. For those not familiar with WI Dells, this city is full of activity. There is always something to do! It’s filled with history, water parks, great food, outdoor trails, and my favorite canopy-covered Ducks! We met up with close friends of ours, Ben and Whitney–they will be forever friends of ours. We have known them for years and they just recently got married in July! It’s been great to be a part of their lives and we are incredibly blessed to have people like them in our lives. As promised here are a few pictures:

One the WI Dells Ducks — My favorite boat ride!

We all went to Treinen Farm –Wisconsin’s Largest Corn Maze (It was quite the experience!)

Oh and I almost forgot, we went four wheeling!

Kyle and I just before we left the Dells… this is one of my favorite pictures with him. We always have so much fun traveling, he is wonderful! Even though you can’t tell by the smile on our faces–we were sad we were leaving! I hope you all had an enjoyable Columbus Day weekend. It was a beautiful weekend here and hopefully where you are as well. Have a good week!


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Back to Blogging? … I think “Yes.”

I’ve been told by a few close friends (Ahem… you know  who you are!) that I should get back to blogging. So with much thought I have decided to start writing again! I honestly don’t know why I stopped, but I do know that when I think about blogging I get extremely excited write and to write about what I love.  That very reason should keep me going, right?  Something happened when I started up Simply Elegance over a year ago… I became a writer. That is what I would like to call myself, not anywhere near Jane Austin, but relatively close. So I plan to continue to write about my work, others inspiring creations, my life and passions. As I progress into a what I know will be an exciting and eventful year… join me, I would love to have you tag along.

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I’m still here!!

I know its been a while…I have not forgotten about blogging, but who can blame a girl who works full-time and manages three on-campus apartments!

Things have been really busy over these last couple months. Is it just me or has summer flown by!? It’s almost August!!! Each day has been pretty routine for me and for some odd reason that is making the days go by faster. Kyle has been gone for some time now and I  miss him like crazy! 44 days till he’s back, I can’t wait!

To give you a short summer update… I have been taking up running, merely to shed a couple of pounds. When Kyle returns he’ll be shocked! I have always did some type of workout, but recently my roommate (who is a crazy runner) has encouraged me to run farther. My goal by the end of this summer is to run five miles straight.

So far I’m at three miles and next week I jump to four (I’m already nervous)! I have also started a cycling class and I really like it!! Call me crazy but my class is at 6 a.m. every morning, that is not something I usually do!

Anyways… I hope to start blogging more and maybe do some refurnishing! Thanks for being patient and still checking up! Hope you all are having a good summer!!

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