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E-Magazine “Nonpareil”

Woah, it has been crazy with all the wedding planning that has been going on around here! Kyle and I have been very productive these last couple months. We have the reception hall, photographer and honeymoon all booked!!! As for the Honeymoon we are headed somewhere warm with beaches and waterfalls–Can you guess the location (Hint: it’s the birthplace of Bob Marley)??  Not to mention we have accomplished many other little details. This month we are taking our engagement photos and I can’t wait to share them with you. So make sure to keep reading!

Enough about me… I wanted to share with you another E-Magazine that I came across. For those who are engaged, planning a wedding or just like to dream weddings–this e-magazine is perfect! Below are some shots the seventh issue of Nonpareil. The magazine, as always, is chalk full of beautiful details and concepts from other select bloggers.

For those who are just tuning in I have posted about other E-Magazines such as:  Rue, Flourish, and much more!!!


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How I proposed to my… bridesmaids!

Kyle and I haven’t got much done when it comes to wedding planning–we’ve been so busy. However, we have done one thing (only because we were so excited) we picked our wedding party and asked each person if they would be a part of our special day. Each person said “YES” and we are so excited to have such a fun group. I decided to get a little creative with asking my bridesmaids and Kyle of course just picked up the phone and called his buddies.  Half of my bridesmaids are out-of-state and I wish more than anything I could have asked them in person… so I created something that gives the “impression” that I’m there asking! I had so much fun giving these to my ladies! p.s. If you haven’t guessed my colors are yellow and gray.  I will be posting about my colors in the future!

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I’m engaged!!!!

News update for all my readers (if you don’t know already), I am engaged!!! On November 7th, 2010 Kyle asked me to marry him! I cannot put into words all the emotions that I felt that day–all I can say is that I’m extremely excited to be marrying such a great man. From the romantic dinner to the mini-adventure around Minneapolis, followed by a candle light outdoor proposal; I will never forget that day! Here are some pictures of our proposal:

(The spaghetti dinner he cooked all by himself!)

I’m so excited to start planning! Right now I have a huge senior project hanging over my head but once that is done and graduation approaches I will have much more time to plan… plan… and plan. What does all this mean for you? Well hopefully “more posting!” I’m looking forward to sharing my ideas and projects along the way, as well as getting your feedback!


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