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Giveaway Winner for the DIY Christmas Yarn Wreath!

I can’t believe we are just weeks away from Christmas (and I haven’t even finished Christmas shopping)! As I’m sure you can tell I have been posting more, I hope you have enjoyed some of the past couple posts. I recently just graduated college (ahhh, such a great feeling) and now I have more time to do what I enjoy most. So within these next couple months I will be working full-time, I’m taking two class at the tech. college for graphic design, and of course planning a wedding (July 2nd is our date)!!!!! Enough said it’s time to announce the winner of the Christmas Yarn Wreath Giveaway!!!! The Winner is Sarah from Banner Cat.

+DIY Snow Flake Corkboard (Design*Sponge)

Sarah says:  “I love the flowers on this wreath! My favorite part of Christmas is celebrating old traditions and making new ones. I just got married last year, so my husband and I are having fun creating traditions to continue on when we have kids. :)”

For those who participated, thank you!! I always enjoy reading your comments and its great to know my readers a little bit more. Have a wonderful weekend!


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{Breeanna’s Christmas List 2010}

Just some of my favorite things I would:  love to have… like to have… wish I had–OKAY, I just really want them all!

1) Pug Canine Companion Bookends, Mod Cloth 2) Woman’s blazer, J.Crew 3) Piccola Ninfea pouch in cream, Ninu Etsy 4) The Color Study II Locket, Verabel Etsy and 5) Infinity Scarf, The Limited

What do you want for Christmas? Comment below with some links!!!!

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Christmas Yarn Wreath Giveaway!

It has been a while since I have featured a giveaway on Simply Elegance. So with all this Christmas spirit bubbling inside of me I have decided to make a Christmas themed wreath and give it away to… YOU! If you like what you see and cant wait to place this winning wreath on your door before the Holidays–I posted in Oct. how to make yarn wreaths! Check it out: DIY Harvest Yarn Wreath.  The giveaway starts today and ends Friday, December 10th at 6 p.m. There are three different ways to enter, but if you prefer just one entry that is fine too (you brave soul!).


ONE lucky winner will win and there are THREE different ways to enter!!

(Comment to WIN)

simply leave a comment on Simply Elegance sharing your favorite part of the Christmas season (I’m looking forward to hearing all your comments)!


twitter about this giveaway and come back with the link. *If you twitter please make sure to tag it with @simply_elegance so i can keep track of entries (use the twitter tab under this post!)


facebook about this giveaway! paste the link to this giveaway as a comment or update your status! Come back and let me know!

Make sure you include an e-mail address for contacting purposes. Check back next week to see if you are the lucky winner!!!

Any questions? Just shoot me and email? :) Giveaway ends Friday, Dec. 10th at 6 p.m., est.




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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a great Christmas Day with family and friends! Christmas sneaks up on us so fast and is finished within just a couple hours. It is however one of my favorite times of the year.  I enjoy spending time with family and the ones I love, there is nothing better than that! For the past three years Kyle and I usually go visit our own families, his family is from North Dakota and mine from Wisconsin. So we spend this holiday apart not to mention his birthday which is Dec 24th (It’s definitely not the easiest thing to do, I miss him like crazy!).  We always end up getting early Christmas gifts from each other before we both take off. This year, once again… I was spoiled by him, he’s always so good at giving gifts. I guess you never realize what you truly long for until its “gone” and in my case we are miles apart. I’m looking forward to the day when we will be with each other for every Holiday, cant wait! Whatever it may be, enjoy your last couple of days off of work, with family, sleeping in, and have a Happy New Year. -Breeanna

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All I want for Christmas…

I’m a firm believer that as you grow older your Birthday and Christmas wish list starts to slowly become smaller. After being asked for the millionth time from family members and friends, what I want for Christmas…I really have a hard time thinking!  Here are the top five things I could think about:

1. Real Simple Magazine (So many ideas, Always great from front to cover.)

2. Cardigans (A girl can never have too many.)

3. The Movie 500 Days of Summer (I saw it, I liked it, and now its time to add to my movie collection.)

4. Home Depot Gift Card (For supplies for all my upcoming projects, or maybe to buy a sander!)

5. Perfume (I actually find using perfume over body spray is a privilege, Really anything works for me!)

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DIY – Paper Christmas Wreath

Christmas is quickly approaching! Many of you have already started decorating and some of us… well were getting there. If your up for the challenge (to be honest its barely a challenge…its really easy) try out this paper Christmas Wreath inspired by the blog, The Red Thread.

If you’d like to give it a go you’ll need the following materials:

• 1 to 2 sheets of wrapping paper
Think outside the square with your paper choice – you needn’t use wrapping paper, it could be magazine pages, all white paper, old comic books, anything! Patterned scrapbooking paper would also look fab. You needn’t limit it to 2 patterns, if you kept to a consistent colour palette you could use any number of patterns.
• 1 large and one smaller plate, salad bowls or similar to trace around
• lightweight cardboard
I used ivory card, but it could just be the side of a box because it will be hidden. The size you’ll need will depend on the size of your bowls.
• scissors
• stapler
• sticky tape
• ribbon – roughly 65cm

Start by finding your plates or bowls to trace around. The diameter of my large salad bowl is 34cm, and the smaller one is 21cm. If your circles are much larger or smaller you will have to adjust the size of your leaves accordingly. The diameter of my finished wreath is 42cm, which is the perfect size to hang on a door.

1. Place the large bowl upside down on the cardboard and trace around it.

2. Place the small bowl upside down in the centre of the circle you’ve just drawn and trace around it.
3. Cut around the outside of the largest circle. Then cut across your circle, through the centre until you reach the far edge of the small circle. Next cut across the line you just cut so you now have a + in the centre of your circle. This just makes it easier to cut the small circle out. Cut out the small circle so you end up with a donut shape. Join the open ends of the donut back together with sticky tape.
4. Draw a leaf shape about 12.5 cm long on a piece of paper, and cut it out to use as a template. I cut the point off one end of the leaf so I knew which end was the bottom. I used 64 leaves in total, of which 16 were white. The number of leaves you need may vary slightly depending on how much you overlap your leaves.

5. Roll the bottom edges of the leaf together so they overlap and the sides curl up.
6. Staple the rolled leaf to the bottom, just off centre, of the wreath base so the open end of the leaf is pointing out and down.
7 & 8. Continue rolling each leaf as you go, stapling them in position so they overlap the previous leaf. They need to overlap and be placed close to each other so the cardboard base and the staples aren’t visible. The leaves should be positioned so that they follow the curve of the wreath base. The placing is fairly random, the leaves aren’t in rows. If you are using an accent paper (like my white one) place one for every 4 -6 of the main colour leaves. Make the colour placement random too.

Looking at the back of the wreath you can see that the staples
attach the leaves to the centre of the cardboard ring,
and the leaves fan outwards.

9. & 10. Continue stapling the leaves in place. I found it useful to stop often and hold the wreath at arms length so I could see the overall shape that was being formed. Make sure the tips of your leaves follow the curve of the wreath base.
When you have reached half way stop and go back to your original starting point. Now start again from this point, facing your leaves the other way and going in the opposite direction around the wreath. Make sure that you overlap the leaves at the starting point, so there are no gaps. If this seems a bit too tricky you can always just continue on as you were all the way around the circle so all your leaves will be facing the same way. Complete the circle of leaves.
11. & 12. Tie a half bow in your ribbon so there is a small loop and one short and one long end. Thread the long end behind in the leaves in the top centre of the wreath. Staple the ribbon to the wreath.

ALL DONE, pretty simple!! Using a stapler makes it pretty quick and easy.

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