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Giveaway Winner for the DIY Christmas Yarn Wreath!

I can’t believe we are just weeks away from Christmas (and I haven’t even finished Christmas shopping)! As I’m sure you can tell I have been posting more, I hope you have enjoyed some of the past couple posts. I recently just graduated college (ahhh, such a great feeling) and now I have more time to do what I enjoy most. So within these next couple months I will be working full-time, I’m taking two class at the tech. college for graphic design, and of course planning a wedding (July 2nd is our date)!!!!! Enough said it’s time to announce the winner of the Christmas Yarn Wreath Giveaway!!!! The Winner is Sarah from Banner Cat.

+DIY Snow Flake Corkboard (Design*Sponge)

Sarah says:  “I love the flowers on this wreath! My favorite part of Christmas is celebrating old traditions and making new ones. I just got married last year, so my husband and I are having fun creating traditions to continue on when we have kids. :)”

For those who participated, thank you!! I always enjoy reading your comments and its great to know my readers a little bit more. Have a wonderful weekend!


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DIY Moss Picture Frames

Now that I have wedding on the mind I have been on the look out for creative centerpieces, wedding decorations and basically anything wedding!  I spotted these DIY moss pictures frames, on Ruffled Blog, and thought they would be perfect for a June/July wedding. Here is a little update on our part:  we really want to get married this summer, but with finances it might not be till the fall. Little by little we are saving up and focusing on the positive. For those who have done the “wedding” thing before… you know what I’m talking about (weddings are expensive)!!

What you’ll need:
– An old wooden frame (you could even try to make on yourself if your good like that ;)
– Bag of dried sheet moss from a craft store
– Hot glue gun
– Scissors

Inspired by the beautiful northwest this moss frame is perfect for any garden or rustic wedding. It also happens to be very simple. First you take an old wooden frame and clean off the surface that you will be gluing your moss to with a wet sponge. Next remove your moss from it’s plastic and begin laying it out over the surfaces of your frame. Use your scissors to cut your moss into strips that fit perfectly together. Once you have the moss laid out how you want it begin hot gluing it into place. Once you have finished gluing the moss into place you can trim around the edges with your scissors to make a nice clean line. You might also want to take any extra small pieces of moss and fill in any holes. This project is fun and easy and only takes about 15 minutes.



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Before & After: Dresser Transformation

“Whistle While you Work”… that’s exactly what I did when I began to work on this dresser.  This is one of my larger pieces and I had lots of work to do (not to mention the million drawers this dresser had). Personally, I thought the dresser was of quality before hand and now I love it even more. I’m redoing a variety of dressers for my mom’s craft room and this is now one of them. So what do you think?

I took pictures each step of the way, so that if you are interested you can “Do It Yourself”. See steps below:


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DIY Centerpiece for Your Valentine

This year for Valentines day Kyle and I are going to have a big fancy dinner!! Since we are college students anything other than mac and cheese is pretty much fancy… so we are excited!!

The thing I like most about this project is that you can use it almost anywhere in the home and for any season. Tweek it and make it your own… Enjoy!


(3) Faux flowers of your choice
(1) Wooden box
(1) Row of faux wheat grass (onion grass works well also!)
(1) Set of floral foam bricks
(1) Scissors
(1) Wood soldering tool (there’s a great, affordable option for beginners atMichael’s) You can also just use markers or paint.

1. Place floral foam into the wooden box or tray of your choice. Be sure to cut to size for a snug fit.

2. Arrange faux wheatgrass to cover every inch of the floral foam. At this point, you can also slide decorative paper into the side of the box to avoid any floral foam from peeking out.

3. Cut your faux floral stems to desired size and arrange accordingly. The floral foam should keep them snug in place.

4. If you’d like, use your wood soldering tool to carve your and your Valentine’s initials in the side of your box — a sweetly personalized touch! You can use markers or paint as well.

5. Presto, you’re finished!


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DIY and Before & After: Modern Table

The minute I saw this table I almost flipped out and immediately wanted to drop everything I was doing to try it! This DIY and Before & After is inpired by Daily Decorator.  The designer Tracy, took this country looking table and modernized it dramatically. Take a look…


Here is a close up of the tabletop with the new stain after it has been sanded.

Now its time to sketch out a design.

Using white latex paint to fill in design.


I just love the look! You could do any color and any design… If you are interested in trying this yourself, check out her blog… there she has DIY instructions to help you.

What do you think!?

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Who said bulletin boards have to be boring!?

I’m not sure about you, but my bulletin board always gets cluttered. Not to mention I always throw random pieces of paper on it and sometimes it just piles up. I never thought of ignoring the purpose of a bulletin board and making it a collage of pictures, words, or small pieces of memorabilia. I found a couple of fun and unique looking boards and thought I’d share.

1. Photographed by freelance photographer Jeltje from Irene Hoofs.

2. Little Pretty Studio’s collection of hoop.de.doo bulletin boards. Aren’t these adorable? This blogger wrote about her idea on how to make these in her post back in early March, so if you want to DIY a hoop for yourself — instructions here.


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Valentine Ideas…

It’s February 1st, time for some Valentine Ideas… Here are a few that I thought were cute!

1.Valentine In a Bottle by Anthoropologie

2. Valentine’s Pins/Decorations by the Purl Bee:  This is a DIY project… (I think these are great for small parties or even to attached to a Valentines gift).

3. 76 different ways to show your love…

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