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E-Magazine “Nonpareil”

Woah, it has been crazy with all the wedding planning that has been going on around here! Kyle and I have been very productive these last couple months. We have the reception hall, photographer and honeymoon all booked!!! As for the Honeymoon we are headed somewhere warm with beaches and waterfalls–Can you guess the location (Hint: it’s the birthplace of Bob Marley)??  Not to mention we have accomplished many other little details. This month we are taking our engagement photos and I can’t wait to share them with you. So make sure to keep reading!

Enough about me… I wanted to share with you another E-Magazine that I came across. For those who are engaged, planning a wedding or just like to dream weddings–this e-magazine is perfect! Below are some shots the seventh issue of Nonpareil. The magazine, as always, is chalk full of beautiful details and concepts from other select bloggers.

For those who are just tuning in I have posted about other E-Magazines such as:  Rue, Flourish, and much more!!!


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E-Magazine: “Rue”

It doesn’t get better than this — a free subscription to a great magazine! Rue magazine is HUGE, 261 pages of ideas!  I believe this is the sixth E-Magazine I have introduced to you, I posted about a few others in the past (Check my archives). Rue Magazine can be delivered right to your inbox… if you join their mailing list you will automatically be entered for fabulous giveaways! Now who doesn’t like free stuff!?

This is only a fraction of the E-magazines that are out there! If you know of any that you would like to share… let me know, I would love to blog about them. Let me know what you think!? Happy Readings!!!


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E-Magazine “Flourish”

Another E-Magazine update… check out  “Flourish“.  Flourish features over 190 pages of fun and original Southern content (for those country cowgirls).  There is a 40 page special section on Southern weddings, beautiful pictures of homes and inspiring stories.

Another very exciting part of this E-Mag is that Barb Blair, from Knack Studios, is a contributor in this magazine and recently just wrote and article. Barb talks about her article here. Happy Readings!!!


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